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Who Is Scott Barkley?

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Who is Scott Barkley and who does he think he is that he can teach the Bible in a 5 week study called Bible Trek? 

I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA in 1951. My parents were divorced when I was 10 years old and I then lived in a series of abusive foster homes. After graduating from High School, I traveled to California during the heyday of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. This started a lifestyle of alcohol and drug abuse. Due to my childhood and later counter-culture influence, I ended up at the point in my life where I literally hated God for the childhood that I had endured. Literally shaking my fist at God, I told God to leave me alone. I wanted nothing to do with a God who would allow this childhood nightmare. That hate would eventually influence every relationship I had. It eventually drove me to the lowest point of my life. Caught in an adulterous affair, I watched my wife and young daughter leave. The affair happened at work and I lost my job, my house and everything that meant anything to me. At this point, I asked God to pick up the pieces of my life – never really expecting that the God I hated would do so. God answered that prayer, delivering me from substance and alcohol abuse, restoring my marriage and the relationships that I had ruined over the many years of running from God.

For 20 + years I  worked in International Sales and Marketing for major companies and I am now a full time Foreign Currency Trader as well as President of a Forex Currency Exchange software company .  I am a graduate of the Institute of Latin American Studies, Cuernavaca, Mexico and have an MBA from Columbia State University. I live with my wife of over 38+ years outside Austin, Texas USA and have three daughters 3 son in laws and set of twin grandchildren, 2 more and one on the way. I am the Founder of God is Center Stage Ministries (a drug and alcohol abuse outreach) and I have produced an aggressive worship CD entitled Step by Step with our Treatment Center ministry team.  I have  been traveling in Romania yearly as a part time missionary to the orphans and gypsy's and doing outdoor Christian concerts since 1991. Additionally, I have been nationally recognized as a Christian songwriter by Billboard magazine.  Here is a song I wrote that was recorded for an album.


And what about writing the Bible Trek?

The Bible Trek is the result of my wife Karen and myself's literally thousands of hours of study making sure that the Bible is factual, trustworthy and that God is truly in the Relationship business not the Religion business. My wife has been a BSF and CBS core leader for 20 years!  As a person who has told God that I hated him, wanted nothing to do with him and wanted him to totally leave me alone, I had to know that I could come back to God and be OK. I also needed to know this relationship was possible based on facts and scripture - not someone’s personal opinion. I was a person who needed sufficient tangible evidence that not only does God exist and created this world, but that the promises in the Bible are worthy of staking your eternal future on. The Bible Trek is the culmination of that quest or Trek back to God.

The Bible Trek is a study for everyday people written by an every day guy who has lived through every day as well as extraordinary circumstances. It is written in every day language that we can all understand. Some of the questions that I had to have answered were: What about evolution? Why do bad things happen to good people? What about the future? Can I really have a relationship with the God of the universe and of course what do I have to do to lose it if I have it? These were some of the questions that I had to have answered.

If you are looking for a highly detailed, exhausting approach to the Bible may I suggest taking the seminary route. But if you are looking for real answers quickly about this world and why God allows the things that happen to happen- then the Bible Trek is for you.. If you are a skeptic, Agnostic/Atheist or seeker of truth this is for you. If you are a new believer or just curious about the "Christian" thing- then the Bible Trek is for you.  If you really want to learn the essentials of the Bible and establish a foundation to build your faith on or just need to know that it’s really real - then the Bible Trek is for you.



Listen to a 10 minute short testimony of Karen's Cancer miracle


Who We Are

Bible Trek Ministries was started in 1992 as a NON-Denominational teaching ministry by Scott and Karen Barkley. That ministry has since expanded to include a alcohol and rehabilitation program,  an outreach ministry to the Orphans and Gypsies in Romania and the Bible Trek ministry.


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