Bible Trek


Our goal is to give answers in a concise form, to the following (among many):

  • Is the Bible a reliable document and source of truth?
  • Does science contradict the Bible?
  • Does the Bible really portray a plan?
  • What about Evolution vs. Creationism?
  • How can I have a relationship with God?
  • Is Jesus the Messiah?
  • When will the end times occur as Revelation predicts?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • And much more …

Our goal is not to study everything in the Bible, but to put the Biblical information in a context that is understandable and makes sense intellectually, chronologically and spiritually. In order to do this we will focus on what is absolutely essential to know and understand about the Bible and God’s plan, and leave the rest to later advanced studies. 

We'd love to do a Bible Trek for you!

  • Just need a place to do it
  • Your Friends, Family or co-workers
  • 5 weeks to accomplish this
  • Use the Contact Us page to let us know - there is NO CHARGE!

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