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Each of the 5 lessons are below.  You can download the notes and/or watch a video lesson that you missed.  

PDf files require a reader you can get one here if you don't have it on your PC.


When you are done with all of these we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do the 70 part series on the "History Of The World"  at - an incredible series for the serious Bible student!  This site is BANNED by Orthodox Rabbi's.


I am Jewish and interested in learning about Yeshua  Click here

Each  section below also has the speakers notes in PDF form.  

NOTE:  If you are currently in a LIVE Bible Trek group - do not download the notes or watch the videos that are in your future studies or we will invoke the Old Testament Law and you will cast into a well and left for three days to think about it! :-) HA!

Bible Trek 1 Video Overview of the Old Testament and Genesis

Notes A

Notes B


A good documentary regarding Dinosaurs and Man ( I don't agree with everything here, but certainly worth a look)  Click here

Bible Trek 2 Video The Abrahamic Covenant ( plus review of week 1)



Bible Trek 3 Mosaic, Davidic and NEW Covenants



Bible Trek 4  Video The Gospels and the 3 things we have to know



Bible Trek 5a Video Prophecy the Rapture and the Evil Empire


Is Britain and the USA Tarshish?

Bible Trek 5b Video Prophecy, Armagedden and the Millennium 


Here is the Old Manual - we have not kept it up to date but there are lots of interesting other stuff in it.  Just remember some info is now out of date and newer findings are not in this manual.






Special Bible Trek Q&A ( powerpoint)

Who is Scott Barkley?

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