Bible Trek

Welcome to our Bible Trek!

We do small groups to large and go through the ENTIRE Bible in just 5 lessons!

" I learned more in the first lesson then in 20 years of Sunday School." Maria N.

What is a Bible Trek?

Ever wish you could have the Cliff's notes for the Bible? The Bible Trek is a five lesson trip through the entire Bible. We connect the dots from the Old Testament to the New Testament -picking up the essentials that you NEED to know to understand the future points made in the Bible.  We will purposely tackle some of the difficult areas. .Are you a seeker?  You are at the right place!  Are you a sceptic?  You are at the right place!  Are you a new believer?  This is the place to get the foundations down!

Take a few minutes to look at all the resources at your fingertips and don't forget to check out our Romania Ministry!

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